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I am a freelance web designer from Osaka, Japan.

Talkative, Positive and Creative Designer

Welcome to Tocoton website. Tocoton is a web design company ( freelance designer ) at Americamura Osaka, Japan.
If you'd like to make a website, flyer, namecard or logo, please contact me.

If you feel something to me,

Call me, Email me!
I will see and talk to you as soon as I can!

Love to cycling anywhere!!

With this "Bianki" bike, I will go to see you.
(Of course it's only if you live in Osaka-city!)

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Silverlining Inc.
Corporate website


Silverlining Inc. is a company of consulting to startup business.
They need a website ASAP and also they would like to upgrade by themselves so I made it with wordpress.
Touko Inc.
Corporate website

Interview/Planning/Creat a movie/Design/Coding(Markup)

Touko Inc. needs to make a movie and a new page to introduce about their working.
Mizutani Kusakizome
Shop site

Interview/Planning/ Maintenance

Mizutani Kusakizome has a workshop to dyeing with leaf, tree and some nature material. My main job in here is maintenance a website.
Corporate site


ALLFORWAN Inc. is a company for shipping and selling products for pets.
Rock'n Rouge
Shop site


This is an American dyner in Osaka! Rock'n Rouge is always have fun with you!
Plus one communication Inc.
Corporate site

Interview/Planning/Design/Coding(Markup)/Logo Design

Plus one communication Inc.
Detective GAL Agency Amagasaki-kita


Detective GAL Agency Amagasaki-kita needs LPO site for SEO and also he needs to upload the website by himself. That's why we use WIX and build a website because it's easy to use it.
Corporate site


Photograph Studio OMS at Namba, Osaka.
Manabe Kineidou
Corporate site


Manabe Kineidou is OEM comapny to making Japanese sweets.

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BLOG (Sometimes in English, too.)

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Tocoto is a web and DTP design company(freelance) in Osaka, Japan.
When you need a website, namecard, logo, flyer and something designed, please contact me.